Preservation Maryland has just uploaded nearly 1,500 photos from our digital image collection to Flickr – complete with detailed metadata, such as architectural style, building materials, and relevant information about the history of the site. Much of the planning, organization, and execution of this on-going task has been the primary project of Benjamin Israel, a recent graduate of St. Mary’s College, and our digital archiving intern. What was simply being stored on our servers is now a statewide resource and free to use and share under a Creative Commons license.

This is just the first milestone of a larger public access project; we intend to process our ever-growing collection of over 10 thousand digital images, and digitize a collection of historic photographs and 35mm slides. We are actively partnering with the University of Maryland Hornbake Library and Digital Maryland to preserve and archive this resource.

Take a moment to flip through our Flickr account, and please donate to Preservation Maryland so that we can continue to progress through our collection and make it accessible to the world.