This summer has been a busy one for all of us here at Preservation Maryland. In between trips to the shore and much needed vacations, staff has also been active planning for the many programs, events and projects that lie ahead of us this fall and beyond in 2016.

Advocating for preservation is a year round job that requires constant vigilance. Fortunately, we’ve been paying attention – and working with the new administration to make the case for the programs, incentives and policies that make preservation possible. As Governor Hogan’s team is now working on the next state budget, we’ve been in Annapolis regularly to meet with his deputies – including a high-level meeting with David Brinkley, the Secretary of Budget and Management.  Our message has been clear: preservation is a powerful force for prosperity. From the jobs created by heritage tourism to the economic activity spurred by rehab tax credits; ours is a story of economic development fueled Maryland history.

In order to highlight the diversity of Maryland businesses and organizations that support preservation, this September we also announced two new coalitions: The Maryland Historic Tax Credit Coalition and the Campaign for Maryland History.

In addition to being forceful advocates, staff has also been busy with our recently launched Six-to-Fix program. This effort, which is covered in great detail in this issue of The Phoenix, is providing us with an exciting opportunity to become more hands-on and focused on preservation solutions.

Equally ambitious as our advocacy and preservation projects, are the fundraising goals we’ve set to make all of this work possible. Our hope is that through greater transparency (like this newsletter and our new website), and clear and positive impacts (in our Six-to-Fix program), we will continue to earn your support – and expand our reach to new supporters who also believe in the urgent and compelling nature of this work.