As part of statewide project and organizational focus, Preservation Maryland is pleased to offer a quick research reference guide for conducting LGBTQ history at colleges, universities, and other small archives.

Looking for LGBTQ+ History on Your Campus” is a quick 10-page research guide intended to be used by first-time researchers and those with archival experience. This resource guide was created by Benjamin Egerman, a iSchool student and MLS candiate at the University of Maryland. The guide includes a brief history of the LGBTQ movement including research keywords common both before and after the Gay Liberation movement that sparked the founding of many campus-based groups in the 1970s. Those that use this guide are encouraged to share their findings and to geolocate important places to their local LGBTQ community on a HistoryPin map, LGBTQ America, managed by the National Park Service.


In 2018, Preservation Maryland announced an organizational focus on LGBTQ history and has been working on a statewide history and preservation strategy with academic, organizational, and municipal partners. A grant from the State of Maryland through the Maryland Historical Trust is supporting a first-of-its-kind in Maryland research study of LGBTQ history to be conducted by Dr. Susan Ferentinos, award-winning author of “Interpreting LGBT History at Historic Sites and Museums.” Five listening sessions will be held across the state as part of this research. Previously as part of this project, Preservation Maryland worked with the University of Maryland School of Architecture and Planning on a preservation studio class focused on documenting the historic The Hippo bar in Baltimore City and will sponsored two LGBTQ tours in Baltimore City this summer with Baltimore Heritage.

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This post was written by Benjamin Egerman who recently completed a Master’s of Library Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. During his internship with Preservation Maryland, Benjamin has focused on researching and documenting LGBTQ heritage. He is interested in exploring the ways history can be used to inspire and assist LGBTQ+ communities and people today – and has long been an activist archivist. In his free time, he enjoys watching bad movies, reading good books, and finding weird stuff on the internet. Learn more about our Waxter Internship Program.