As part of a continued presence in support of historic Ellicott City, Preservation Maryland and Historic Ellicott City, Inc. created and funded the Historic Ellicott City Revitalization Grant Program to support projects in the community.

Funding for the grant program was provided by Historic Ellicott City, Inc. through fundraising associated with their annual Decorator Show House event with additional funding support from Preservation Maryland’s Ellicott City Flood Recovery Fund. Last year, the Program provided $50,000 in funding for seven important projects. The updated deadline for grant applications is January 31, 2019.

The program was renewed for another year and will provide direct assistance for the rehabilitation and preservation and promotion of cultural resources within the Ellicott City National Register Historic District and the surrounding area in Howard County. Eligible entities include non-profits, religious institutions, local businesses, and municipal agencies.

Projects that may be eligible fall into two broad categories, repair and interpretation, that together will comprehensively addresses the needs of applicants. Examples of eligible projects include:

  • Bricks-and-mortar-type projects for the physical rehabilitation and preservation of historic properties and materials, like repairing historic windows and roofs, masonry work, painting
  • Projects that identify, analyze or otherwise benefit or interpret archaeological resources
  • Projects that enhance public awareness and understanding of historic Howard County, like improved wayfinding signage, educational materials, or exhibits



Previously funded projects include:

Recipient: Patapsco Heritage Greenway
Amount: $10,000
Type: Bricks & Mortar
Project: Façade Improvement on Tonge Row
Description: Funding will support restoration of the front and rear facades of the stone rowhome on Tonge Row which houses the offices and public programs of the Patapsco Heritage Greenway.

Recipient: Howard County Historical Society
Amount: $10,000
Type: Bricks & Mortar
Project: Restoration of the Second Quaker Schoolhouse
Description: Funding will support both interior and exterior capital repairs to the building to prepare the structure for its future conversion to an engaging children’s museum.

Recipient: Ellicott City Historic District Partnership
Amount: $3,500
Type: Interpretation & Signage
Project: Signage for lower Main Street
Description: Funding will support the replacement of the flood level sign near the Patapsco River Bridge and the creation of a plaque above the 10 mile marker under the CSX Bridge.

Recipient: Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks
Amount: $6,300
Type: Interpretation & Signage
Project: Interpretive Exhibit Panels for the B&O Museum, Ellicott City Station
Description: Funding will support new interpretive signage and exhibits for the iconic structure.

Recipient: Howard County Historic Preservation Commission
Amount: $10,000
Type: Education & Public Outreach
Project: Printing and distribution of updated historic district design guidelines
Description: Funding will support the publication and distribution of updated design guidelines for the Ellicott City historic district. Design guidelines, which help maintain the district’s distinctive look and feel, will be widely distributed in an effort to help improve and rebuild the historic district.

Recipient: Howard County Tourism Council
Amount: $6,120
Type: Bricks & Mortar, Interpretation & Signage
Project: Welcome Center Rain Garden
Description: After the front lawn of the Howard County Welcome Center was damaged in the flood, there was a reevaluation of the design and composition of the lawn, resulting in the decision to create a rain garden featuring native plants, features designed to slow water flow, and interpretive signage. Funding will support installing this new rain garden and interpretive panels.

Recipient: St. Luke’s A.M.E. Church
Amount: $3,580
Type: Bricks & Mortar
Project: Exterior repairs
Description: This grant will help fund exterior repairs to the historic St. Luke’s A.M.E. Church on Main Street.