Saving Threatened History

The Six-to-Fix program allows Preservation Maryland to take direct action to fulfill its mission to protect the best of Maryland. With our project partners, we tackle a diverse and inclusive collection of projects. In the first three years of this program, we have leveraged $13 of investment of every $1 invested.

The Baltimore Gay Alliance was the city’s first Gay and Lesbian (later LGBTQ+) activist and service group founded in 1975.

Discovering LGBTQ History

Preservation Maryland will lead a collaborative of academic, municipal, and community stakeholders in a statewide strategy to document and include the important and lasting contributions of...

Baltimore City

Baltimore’s Historic Storefronts

After protests damaged dozens of storefronts in a historic African American commercial corridor, Preservation Maryland and partners advocated for funding to repair the physical wounds and offered...


Women’s Suffrage

Leading up to the 100th Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment, Preservation Maryland will focus on researching and documenting the tangible connections to the extraordinary fight to...


Phillips Packing House

The Eastern Shore Land Conservancy and Cross Street Partners are tackling an ambitious project to rehabilitate and reuse the historic Phillips Packing Plant in Cambridge into The Packing House...

Can we count on you?

Preservation Maryland isn’t just preserving the past – we’re investing in our future. In just the past year we’ve invested heavily in our work and refused to accept the mounting challenges as a reason to retreat or hold our position. You are making it all possible.