Saving Threatened History

The Six-to-Fix program allows Preservation Maryland to take direct action to fulfill its mission to protect the best of Maryland. With our project partners, we tackle a diverse and inclusive collection of projects. In the first three years of this program, we have leveraged $13 of investment of every $1 invested.

Preservation Maryland staff at the Park Mill sign, 2018.

History of the Jones Falls Mills

The Jones Falls provided the power that fueled manufacturing in Baltimore in the 19th and 20th centuries. The string of mills built in the valley along the river had an indelible economic and...

Mt. Hope Baptist Cemetery in Charles County, 2017.

Historic Cemeteries of Maryland

Some of the most sacred sites in Maryland are in impending danger due to environmental factors as well as the passage of time. Cemeteries face resource specific threats including lack of funding...

Baltimore City

Save the Crane

At 100 feet tall, this WWII-era crane is a highly visible remnant of Baltimore’s shipbuilding legacy. Although built to withstand the test of time, its unprotected exposure is beginning to...

Anne Arundel County

Save City Dock in Annapolis

Located on the downtown Annapolis waterfront, City Dock is a vital part of the Colonial Annapolis National Register Historic District. Unfortunately, recently proposed rezoning threatens to undo...

Main Street, Ellicott City, Ca. 1890, Library of Congress
Montgomery County

Save Historic Ellicott City

Over the past two years, Preservation Maryland has been an active partner in the flood response and recovery efforts in historic Ellicott City. Our work, in coordination with our public and...

Can we count on you?

Preservation Maryland isn’t just preserving the past – we’re investing in our future. In just the past year we’ve invested heavily in our work and refused to accept the mounting challenges as a reason to retreat or hold our position. You are making it all possible.