The Pleasant View Historic Site of important Civil War and Civil Rights history had a dedicated organization wanting to do the right thing, but they were without the preservation skill set to ask the rights questions and engage the best practitioners. Preservation Maryland’s Six-to-Fix program was able to help make that match.



Keast & Hood Structural Engineers are internationally recognized experts in preservation engineering, with projects as noteworthy as the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall. When approached to support our Six-to-Fix project, the firm stepped up and made a generous donation of expert staff time to complete a structural condition assessment of the Site’s church and ca. 1901 school. The report documented specific issues at each building and prioritized the order in which the projects should be tackled based on immediate need.


With this professional assessment in hand, the Pleasant View Trustees can now make a case to potential funders with a strong and accurate plan for stabilization and rehabilitation of the structures. Involvement of the experts from Keast & Hood and their donation of services has changed the course of the historic site and provided direction for its stewards to continue on the path to preservation.