The latest fight over the future of the historic Dumser’s Dairyland building on the Ocean City Boardwalk is a stark reminder that Ocean City’s rich history matters to Marylanders.

Nostalgia is a powerful force. The sights, smells and sounds of the Ocean City Boardwalk are tangible links to our own past. The places themselves – the Thrashers, Trimpers and Fishers – are tangible anchors to another time and conjure up fond memories of warm summers spent with the Atlantic’s cool breeze.

Unfortunately, Dumser’s iconic ice cream stand is not the only historic place at the ocean resort threatened by the lack of preservation planning.

From quaint early 20th century hotels to the glitzy and fun mid-century modern motels, few if any of the town’s historic structures are protected.

The lack of protections also means that historic property owners are not afforded the tax credits, loans and other incentives offered to owners of similar historic property across the state.

Like the shifting sands below the Boardwalk, ocean resorts are always changing. Preservation Maryland is not opposed to change and does not believe everything older than 50 years in Ocean City is historic.

However, there are places worthy of our attention – places that are powerful reminders of the town’s proud history and past. Those places deserve our attention, support and concern.

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