The Dielman Inn

With the strong support of town leadership, the ca. 1815 Dielman Inn has a chance to once more serve the needs of this small town community in Carroll County. Preservation Maryland will provide the technical preservation assistance needed to document and draft a sustainable retail business plan for the Dielman Inn.

Six to Fix


This signature building in New Windsor needs to be restored and brought back to life with a new purpose to make it again a thriving part of the local economy.


Preservation Maryland will work with the Town of New Windsor to develop a sustainable preservation and retail business plan for the Dielman Inn in the heart of New Windsor.


The Dielman Inn could be considered synonymous with New Windsor history. Located at the main intersection of town at High and Main streets, “the Inn has always been an integral part of the economic engine of New Windsor,” according to town documents. “The history of the Inn has been well-documented, serving as a road house for travelers in its earliest days, a health resort and tourist destination and, more recently, housing an antique shop and several small businesses.” In the late 1700s, a portion of the building was originally the tavern of New Windsor’s founder, Isaac Atlee. As the town became known for its sulfur springs, the building and its popularity grew, and it became a tourist destination for those wanting to escape summer city living. Louis W. Dielman bought the inn in 1864, and it was run by the Dielman family until 1927. In 2011, the New Windsor Town Council voted to purchase the property, and redevelopment plans are currently in progress.


While the building in 2016 went through a lead paint abatement and painting project on the exterior, its 43 rooms are in need of renovations. This complex site also needs to have a purpose and a preservation plan that will preserve its unique character while being put to a productive use.



The Town of New Windsor was awarded $350,000 from a state neighborhood revitalization grant program for work on the foundation of the historic Dielman Inn.


The Dielman Inn is a commercial property of several buildings that were cobbled together over almost 200 years of occupation and use. This complex structure of different construction methods and materials offers up some challenges from the foundation all the way up. Preservation Maryland would like to thank Old Line Architects and Lewis Contractors for their assistance on this project.


Architectural documentation is often one of the first steps to a preservation rehabilitation project. At the Dielman Inn, documentation was essential to understanding the evolution of the building over time before beginning a complex reuse project.

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