Preservation Maryland has joined a nationwide coalition of organizations, lawmakers and preservationists calling on the Institute for Advanced Study to reconsider their plans to develop the historic Princeton Battlefield. 

While the proposed project in New Jersey falls beyond Maryland’s physical borders, Maryland soldiers fought for American Independence and shed their blood on the hallowed Princeton Battlefield. In fact, Maryland troops were with General Washington in the charge which traversed the very field currently threatened by development. As a result, Preservation Maryland made the extraordinary decision to take a stand on this issue and formally announce their opposition to a project that would dishonor Maryland’s Revolutionary veterans.

Preservation Maryland Executive Director Nicholas Redding explained,

“The story of Maryland is not confined to our borders. Marylanders have made incredible sacrifices across the nation and the globe — and wherever the history of Maryland and its citizens are threatened, this organization will not waver in our defense of that history. We stand with this national coalition in calling on the Institute for Advanced Study to reconsider their unnecessary plans.”

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