Stand up, take the survey, and be counted: the Maryland Historical Trust is soliciting responses to document the need for preservation funding in Maryland – we know that this need exists, and now is the time to be heard. This is a must-take survey for Marylanders involved and interested in the protection and promotion of our state’s history and heritage.

Our advocacy during the Maryland General Assembly, led to the insertion of budget language into the Joint Chairman’s Report that requires state officials to formally address the lack of preservation grant funding available; the Maryland Historical Trust capital, non-capital, and museum assistance program grants have not been funded for over five years. Members and colleagues of Preservation Maryland told us very clearly that grant funding is a major issue – and we aligned our legislative priorities to match their concern.

  • Has money for architectural survey dried up in your county?
  • Is operational funding for your museum impossible to come by?
  • Are there historic buildings in your community that desperately need bricks-and-mortar repairs, but you just can’t find the money to save them?

If you answered yes, take the survey.