It’s been said that one of the great things about the National Park idea is that the work’s never done – it’s simply never finished.

From the Desk of Nicholas A. Redding

Each succeeding generation is called upon to steward these resources and to identify new places to preserve and pass to succeeding generations. The same could be said about historic preservation: the work is never done.

We enjoyed several significant successes during the latest session of the Maryland General Assembly with the reauthorization of our state historic tax credit, and we are also pleased to report that negotiations led by Preservation Maryland earned Whites Hall, the boyhood home of Johns Hopkins, a temporary reprieve from demolition while a new owner is sought. We are also proud of all the work being done to assist our inaugural Six-to-Fix sites, where we are turning retreat into advance. Successes like these are what sustains us and keeps us moving forward.


During frequent travels around the state, my attention is invariably drawn to the resources we haven’t yet been able to save. Magnificent hand-hewn barns, solid brick row-homes, sturdy maritime warehouses, unique mid-century shops and diners, and more all cry out for our attention. Just this week we announced a new effort to work with community members to call on Starbucks to reuse rather than demolish an iconic Baltimore County diner – a new threat to a mid-century resource. As often as we are able, we respond to these challenges and threats, but we also seek stronger and more sustainable tools to invest in the future of endangered historic sites.

historic barn with American flag painted on the exterior

Funding from the 1772 Foundation has provided us with a unique opportunity to explore these challenges and opportunities and will be the basis of a feasibility study and plan to establish a new fund to allow us to invest in the revitalization of historic properties. We hope to announce that new effort in the coming months.

In the meantime, our work does not stop, and with your continued support, we’ll leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of providing the necessary tools to protect the best of Maryland. I ask that if you agree that our history, heritage and culture matters — and should be preserved — that you join our organization today. We are passionate, focused, efficient and I promise we will make excellent use of your support!