In 2015, Baltimore City acquired the building from the previous owner after years of inaction. The future of the building is unclear at this point, as the city is determining the best course of action. The city may put the mansion up for auction or hear proposals.

Nominated: 2007

Status: In progress.

Contact: Johns Hopkins, Executive Director of Baltimore Heritage,

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  • As of 2011, the Mansion was still the property of St. James Episcopal Church. It is vacant and still in a state of deterioration according to the Baltimore Heritage website.
  • According to this article in 2012, the house is still vacant and has not been renovated or preserved in any way.
  • As of 2013, the Baltimore Heritage nonprofit organization was seeking to have the building stabilized and renovated.
  • In 2015, The Baltimore Sun reported that Sellers Mansion as in receivership in the hands of One House at a Time, Inc. – likely to go to public auction in Spring or early Summer 2016.