America is facing a affordable housing crisis. How can historic preservation help? An expert panel of architects, contractors, and developers will discuss the benefits and challenges of creating and offering affordable housing in historic neighborhoods and buildings during this session of the Old Line State Summit held on June 15, 2018 at the University of Maryland.

Free Resource: If you missed this session at the Old Line State Summit and/or have an interest in affordable housing and historic preservation, Preservation Maryland is pleased to offer an on-demand conference video recording and a PDF copy of the session.



A Unique Opportunity: Affordable Housing and Sustainable Preservation

America is facing an affordable housing crisis, with Maryland needing 119,00 new units of affordable housing just to meet existing demand. While new construction will play a role in closing this gap, it alone cannot meet the demand. The reuse of historic structures is a proven way to create affordable housing in neighborhoods with proximity to job centers and access to public transportation, something that new build affordable housing often lacks. Recognizing this commonsense connection, Maryland has recently incentivized the reuse of historic structures for this purpose by passing a bill that increases the Historic Tax Credit for projects that result in affordable housing. This session at the Summit will discuss why the reuse of historic buildings for affordable housing makes sense and how the architects, contractors, and developers get these projects done.


Tom Liebel, AIA Moseley ArchitectsTom Liebel, AIA
Moseley Architects

Tom Liebel, FAIA, LEED Fellow, is Vice President of the Baltimore-based office of Moseley Architects. His work explores the relationship between sustainability, preservation and urban design, with an emphasis in the use of urban adaptive use projects to promote neighborhood revitalization and civic engagement, by designing a variety of ground-breaking adaptive use and historic preservation projects over the past twenty years.

Sakinah Linder Pennrose, LLCSakinah Linder
Pennrose, LLC

Sakinah has been with Pennrose, LLC since October 2015. Prior to Pennrose, Sakinah worked as a project manager for a nonprofit developer, AHC Greater Baltimore. Sakinah also worked for Jubilee Baltimore and the National Trust for Historic Preservation in DC. She is a graduate of Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Willy Moore Southway BuildersWilly Moore
Southway Builders

Willy Moore is President of Southway Builders, a 27 year old Maryland based construction company that specializes in new construction, adaptive re-use, and historic restoration in both multi-family and commercial buildings. Southway’s projects can be found in the Baltimore area, along with Northern VA, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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